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Your Social Worker

Here in Sefton, we have social workers for children and families. We work in teams and we have a manager who makes sure we make the right decisions for you.

Every child or young person in our care has to have a named social worker who will make sure they’re well looked after, make sure they’re safe and help them achieve things they want to achieve.  

You will have your own social worker and together with your family or carers, they will:

  • Give you the help and support you need
  • Keep you safe
  • Treat you with respect
  • Ask what you think about things
  • Help you take part in decisions about your life

Social workers are there to help their families make sure that they are safe, happy and healthy. They do this by talking to families and other people – such as schools, doctors, health visitors, the police and community organisations. With these people, they work out a plan and help everyone to work together.

For some families, life is very complicated and difficult. Sometimes parents find they can’t give their children what they need. When this happens, the social worker and other people will talk to the family and the children and see what’s best for them.


You’ll see your Social worker regularly. You will see them:

  • within the first week of coming into care
  • at least every six weeks for the first year
  • every three months after that

If where you live changes, they’ll start again and see you more regularly until you’re settled. If there is a problem, hey may visit you more often than that and if you want to see them more often, then we can sort that out too. If you need to talk to your social worker, you can call them or ask your carer to get in touch with them.

Your Social worker will spend time alone with you as well as talking to your carers. They will:

  • listen carefully to you and what you want to happen
  • make sure they understand what you need
  • help you make choices about where you live
  • explain why and how things will happen
  • help to make sure you enjoy school and get any help you need with learning

They’ll want to know how you feel about everything. If you’re worried, scared or unhappy, they’ll do their best to find out why and sort it out.

If the plan is for you to go home to your family, your social worker will work with them to make this happen.

You might be worried that you won’t get to see other family or friends but don’t worry! Your social worker will tell them how you’re getting on and arrange for you to see them if you want to.

Last Updated on Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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