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The Social Work Academy

The Social Work Academy is a north west and Merseyside first!

The academy is a place for Newly Qualified Social Workers completing their Assessed and Supported year in Employment (ASYE), to receive additional support and guidance in their first year of practice. Its purpose is to help you build on your skills, knowledge, and confidence. The programme supports the development of the NQSW by promoting critical reflection, consolidation of learning as a student and application of this to practice.

You will have the support of fellow NQSW’s, your team manager, and your Practice Assessor Lead. You will have a protected case load working with no more than five families at any one time to promote learning and group supervision with your team and 1-1 supervision with your team manager., as well as a two week induction before any case allocation.

You will have support from your Practice Assessor lead with your portfolio for your ASYE year, this will consist of supervision, discussions, and reviews to ensure you are supported completing the ASYE portfolio.

The ASYE programme is designed to provide twelve months of developmental support for NQSW's. A NQSW evidences their progressive development to this assessment standard in a portfolio consisting of specific pieces of evidence. Sefton are offering a £1,000 payment to NQSW’s who complete the ASYE portfolio within 12 months!

You can join us to settle in to your social work career in a structured and managed way.

Last Updated on Thursday, June 15, 2023

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