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Parent Governors

How to nominate yourself

If you would like to start the process of applying or would like more information, please contact the Governor Services team

Before starting the process to become a Parent Governor you should think about weather you could undertake the following commitments as you will be asked to provide a personal statement. 

The statement will include:

  • Evidence of the skills and experience the governing body needs to undertake the role. 
  • Your commitment to undertake training to acquire or develop the skills to be an effective governor.
  • If you are already a Parent Governor and are wanting to be re-elected, details of how you contributed during this time. 
  • How you plan to contribute to the future work of the governing body.

Electing a Parent Governor

If there is only one nomination this candidate will be elected unopposed.

If there is more than one nomination, an election will take place.  The statements of all candidates will be typed and circulated to all parents with a ballot paper. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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