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Trading Standards

We provide help and advice on the civil rights of consumers relating to goods or services purchased. The service is available to:

  • Sefton residents who have bought goods or services in Sefton or elsewhere
  • Traders based in Sefton or large companies whose head office or manufacturing plant is in Sefton
  • Residents from other local authorities who have bought goods and services from traders in Sefton

We promote fair trading practices and enforce consumer law within Sefton as it relates to:

  • The fair provision of credit
  • Description of goods and services, including cars and holidays
  • Terms in Consumer contracts
  • Overcharging and misleading prices
  • The sale of fake or counterfeit goods
  • The use of Doorstep selling techniques

No. Under the law a trader only has to refund your money if the goods are faulty or not as described.

If you have entered into a contract or have just changed your mind and want your money back, the shop is under no legal obligation to refund it to you.

As a matter of company policy and to retain customer goodwill many traders will let you exchange items or offer a credit note, but they are not obliged to.

Similarly, if you have left a deposit you are agreeing to a contract and unless it is stated on your receipt, or on a notice in the store, it is not refundable unless the store is unable to fulfil it's part of the contract.

Generally, the answer is no but you will need another proof of purchase.

This could be a bank statement indicating the purchase, credit card counterfoil or even a witness who saw you make the purchase. A receipt however is obviously the best proof of purchase you can get so look after it until you are sure that the goods are okay.

No. You have a right to a repair or refund. Only accept a credit note if you want to purchase other goods from the same trader.


Goods that are sold in packages by weight or measure can be packed either to minimum quantity or to average quantity.

For minimum quantity each pack must contain at least the quantity marked on the pack (the nominal quantity). If you use equipment to make up the packs then the equipment must be tested and approved for trade use.

You do not have to use equipment but if you estimate the quantity incorrectly you will have no defence.

Further information, including guidance notes, may be obtained from our Trading Standards website

Please contact Sefton Council if you wish to complain or enquire about weights and measures issues, or you wish to arrange a weights and measures testing and verification appointment for your premises.


Energy Performance Of Buildings Agreement (pdf 256KB)

Last Updated on Monday, January 30, 2023

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