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Property accreditation scheme

We want to promote good quality and well managed private rented accommodation within Sefton through our property accreditation scheme. Each accredited property will receive accreditation status for 5 years. The scheme is voluntary and free to join.


How to join the scheme

You can apply online to the accreditation scheme 

To complete your application, you will need the details of the property that you want to accredit along with your contact details and,

  • signed copy of the Property Code of Standards document 
  • signed Management Code of Standards document 
  • current Gas Safety Certificate 
  • property's Energy Performance Certificate 
  • current Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)


What happens next?

Once we receive the documents listed above, we will contact you directly to arrange an inspection of the property.

Your property will be accredited if the requirements of the Property Code of Standards are met. You will then be sent your certificate and details of how to access the benefits of the scheme.


My accreditation is due to expire, how do I renew?

Send an e-mail to us at before your accreditation is due to expire and include ACCREDITATION RENEWAL in the subject line. 

In the body of the email state for each property due for renewal:

  • The full address
  • Accreditation expiry date
  • Accreditation number

Then attach:

  • An updated gas safety certificate (per property)*
  • An Electrical Installation Condition Report *
  • A signed copy of both the Property and Management Code of Standards (below).

*unless already provided as part of a licence application made AFTER 1/3/23

An officer will review the information and if acceptable your accreditation will be renewed.



  • FREE advertising of your accredited property on Property Pool Plus
  • An electronic Accreditation Certificate for each property accredited
  • A discount on the property's Licensing fees (if applicable)
  • Access to the tenant find service through Housing Options
  • Access to Housing Standards HHSRS advice
  • Advice on accessing energy efficiency grants
  • Discounts on landlord training events that Sefton Council provide 
  • An invitation to the Private Landlord Forum
Property Accreditation Application Feb2023 (pdf 155KB)
Property Code Of Standards Accreditation Feb2023 (pdf 198KB)
Property Accreditation Application Feb2023 (1) (pdf 139KB)
Management Code Of Standards V062023 (pdf 217KB)


Last Updated on Monday, August 14, 2023

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