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You Said / We Will

You Said / We Will

The project team kept a record of comments made at the 'Meet the Project Team' events, on emails sent into us, and whilst talking to residents of Hastings Road and Windy Harbour Road which form the pilot school streets. 

Please find below the issues you raised and questions asked along with our response. 

We will monitor the whole junction in relation to how it works for people walking, cycling and people in cars.  This will help us to understand if we need to consider changes across the area.  

A wider scheme was consulted on and the results of this can be found in the decision report.

The decision was as follows;

The proposals consulted upon are not progressed at this time because the requirement of the funding for "Broad Support", following consultation with all key local stakeholders, has not been demonstrated.  

We will be writing to you again during the 6 month monitoring and evaluation period to seek your views.  This will allow you to tell us what you think which will be considered as part of this process.  

We will be compiling a monitoring and evaluation report, based on guidance from Active Travel England.  This report will include a broad range of data such as; 

  • Air Quality Data
  • All Traffic Data
  • Parking & Observational Surveys
  • Perception Surveys

This data will be pulled together and compiled into a report which will then be presented in a report for decision makers consideration.

We are working closely with the Bus Planning Team at Merseytravel and have already held a meeting to discuss the issue.  Merseytravel do not currently have any funding for additional buses which serve schools however should any be forthcoming this can be considered.

We have escalated this to our Maintenance Manager to review the crossing and report back.  When we have an update on this, we will post it here.  

This has been referred to the team who inspect our roads and streets.  This area was cut back mid-June and will continue to be inspected. 

Last Updated on Friday, June 30, 2023

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