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Yellow lines

Yellow lines are used where there is a need to restrict parking to help traffic flow and to prevent obstructions on the highway. 

  • Double lines usually mark lengths of road where there is no waiting at any time. However there are exceptions to this and supplementary plates fixed to lighting columns or posts will tell you what the actual restriction is. If there is no supplementary plate, you should assume that the waiting restriction applies all day, every day
  • Single lines usually indicate a shorter period of restriction such as daytime. Again supplementary plates will show the actual times
  • Loading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb and on the supplementary plates.

Any driver who parks on a yellow line can be issued with a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice). These are issued by Sefton Council's civil enforcement officer.

If the vehicle is displaying a Blue Badge, but is causing an obstruction, then Merseyside police officers or traffic wardens can issue a parking ticket for obstruction. If obstructive parking is taking place, you should contact Merseyside Police.

Who can park on yellow lines?

In general, all drivers must adhere to the regulations displayed on the signs, and should not park on yellow lines.

Drivers with blue badges are allowed to park on yellow lines (except where there is a loading restriction) provided that they are not parked in a position which causes obstruction to other traffic or to pedestrians. If the vehicle is causing an obstruction, Merseyside Police can issue a parking ticket.

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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