Report a broken street light on the highway

Update from Sefton Highway Maintenance Service

The Council’s Highway Maintenance service are working to deliver and prioritise services across the borough in accordance with the latest Government advice. Over coming weeks this may mean stopping some works and services to ensure we can prioritise emergency, safety critical and key activities.

This is a developing situation and one which both the Council and its Contractors will be monitoring carefully and responding to as appropriate. The current situation is having an impact on our ability to deliver services at the same capacity and so, our workload will be subject to change with a focus on actioning works and enquiries that are deemed urgent or an emergency, first and foremost.

We would ask that when reporting issues to us you consider the nature of the enquiry and its importance given the circumstances. If you are awaiting a response to an enquiry, this may take longer than originally anticipated to which we can only apologise.

Report a broken streetlight or bollard 

If you want to report a broken street light or bollard you can do so online by clicking the link under Do It Online. If the situation is dangerous situations (e.g. electrical wires are exposed) please contact us (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm) on 0345 140 0845. If the emergency is out of hours (Weekends or evenings 4pm - 8am) call our Sefton Arc team on 0151 922 6107. 

We aim to fix reported issues within 5 working days, however this is not always possible (this could be for a number of reasons including; restricted access due to parked cars…etc). Any works that are not completed within 5 working days can be checked on the online form with your ref no you receive when reporting an issue. You can always re-submit your issue after 28 days ensuring your e-mail or contact details are included so that a response may be provided if requested. Thank you for using our online form.

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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