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Junior Swimfit

We also offer exclusive Junior Swim Fit sessions Meadows Leisure Centre.

Who can take part?

We are offering this to swimmers who currently attend our Stage 8, 9 & 10 classes.

Programme Content

  • Junior Swim Fit will be a mixture of swimming and various swimming skills such as;
  • Flip ‘n’ Fun - Flip ‘n’ Fun is all about perfecting diving skills in a fun manner to develop and improve diving technique. Flip ‘n’ Fun is also a good way of developing a swimmers balance and co-ordination within the water as well as increase a swimmers awareness in the water.
  • Competitive swimming/ fitness- learning and improving competitive starts, turns and finishes. Developing and improving stamina over long distances and fitness circuits.
  • Stages 8, 9 &10 – completing the pre- competitive stages for the ASA badge scheme.
  • Synchronised Swimming skills- Learning and developing synchronised swimming skills, including sculling and under water work.
  • Water polo skills- Learning and developing Water Polo skills, including throwing, treading water, head up swimming and other ball skills.

How much is it?

Please note that this session will be an hour long but payment will remain at the 45 minutes lesson price of £19.00.

If you are interested in attending the Junior Swim Fit please contact our team. We also offer different Programmes in Bootle Leisure Centre and Dunes Leisure Centre, which are similar.

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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