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How we manage our coastline

Balancing the need to provide great visitor facilities and opportunities at the coast, with the unique environmental sensitivities, means that Sefton Council, and its partners, must delicately manage its popular coastal locations.

This approach is articulated in the Coast Plan, launched in 2017. Although Sefton Council is by far the largest landowner, the coast is owned and managed by a range of other organisations, along with key stakeholders and partners involved in its development and management.

Sefton Council recognises the effectiveness of partnership working along the coast and leads the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership, a long-standing group of all significant landowners and partner agencies with a key interest in the Sefton coast. The Board has been running for over 40 years and meets quarterly, supported by a number of sub-committees, and oversees the delivery of an Action Plan.

There is also an operational multi-agency ‘Beach Safe’ group that meets fortnightly through the high season from April through to October. The group assess risk, share intelligence, and coordinate responses and resources.

Last Updated on Friday, May 17, 2024

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