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Your Health

We’ll support you in lots of ways to stay physically and mentally healthy by offering:
A Health Passport (also known as a Health Journal) containing key information from your childhood (for example, when and if you have had immunisations) and your health needs, around the time you turn 18 years of age.

• Information on healthy living.

• Information on getting help to pay for prescriptions (for example, how to obtain a free pre-paid prescription exemption certificate if you are not already eligible for free

• Support to register with a GP.

• Support to move from CAMHS to adult mental health services.

• Information about counselling services that are available locally.

• Help with transport costs when attending health appointments.

• Free or subsidised access to the leisure centres we run.

• Information about health drop-in centres.

• Support to access LA Adult Social Care

If you are a young parent, we will support you to do the best for them. We will help you arrange childcare if this is what you want.

The Sefton Children in Care Nursing Team offer health advice, support and signposting to services to you, your PA or any professional working with you, up until your 25th birthday. The Sefton Children in Care Nursing Team can be contacted on 0151 295 9690 or at

Free Leisure Pass and Choices Card
Active Sefton will provide all Care Experienced Young People in Sefton with a free leisure pass up to age 21yrs. Your Personal Advisers will assist you to apply for one. At age 22yrs the leisure pass will convert to a free ‘Choices Card’ which gives you 40% discount on any leisure activities and facilities provided by Sefton Council. If you are living outside of Sefton, we will look to identify a leisure pass for your local area.

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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