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Your Home

If you are in care at the moment, your Personal Adviser (PA) will support you with getting ready to leave care, including finding somewhere to call home. Information on where you are going to live will be part of your Pathway Plan.

If you’re over 18, your PA will help you to find the right place to live.

This might involve:

  • Working with the Council’s Housing Options Services to identify suitable housing
    options for you.
  • Help to obtain supported accommodation if you are not ready or don’t want to have
    your own tenancy.
  • If this is what you and your foster carers want, we can support you to remain with
    your foster carers under what’s called a ‘Staying Put’ arrangement. This can last until
    you are 21 (or until the higher education being undertaken on your 21st birthday is
  • Support to access social housing (this is accommodation managed by a housing
    association) by applying through Property Pool Plus (from age 16) with One Vision
  • All care experienced young people up to age 25yrs will be given band B priority status
    upon registering for social housing which will help you access social housing.
  • We will start to plan your accommodation pathway when you reach 16 so that you
    can progress at a pace that works for you.

One Vision Housing will provide you with:

  • An Independent Living Officer when you first start a tenancy with them. They will
    support you to settle into your tenancy and will stay involved for as long as you need
  • Advice about maintaining a tenancy, including avoiding rent or arrears, paying bills
    and budgeting.
  • Helping you to claim housing benefit/universal credit.

We will also:

  • Provide all care experienced young people who are the responsibility of Sefton
    Council (former relevant care leavers) and who are living in Sefton with a 100%
    discount on their council tax bill from the age 18 to age 25. The Discount will be
    applied after any other discounts such as Sole Occupier Discount and Council Tax
    Reduction have been set up. Where there is shared liability for the Council Tax due,
    the discount will cover the share that the care experienced young person is liable for.
  • If you are a Sefton Care Experienced Young Person living outside of Sefton, your
    council tax liability (after helping to apply for any council tax support) will be paid on a
    quarterly basis until your 25th birthday. Your PA will support you with this.
  • Practical and financial support with moving into and furnishing your new home.
  • Supporting you if you have a housing crisis, including helping if you are threatened
    with losing, or lose a tenancy.

Staying Put Offer

A Staying Put arrangement is an agreement between you, your foster carer and the Local Authority which enables you to stay with them when you reach age 18 and cease to be cared for. It is the duty of the local authority:

  •  To monitor the Staying Put arrangement; and
  • To provide advice, assistance and support to the Former Relevant child and the
    former foster parent with a view to maintaining the Staying Put arrangement (this must include financial support), until the young person reaches the age of 21, or the end of a higher education course being undertaken at 21 (unless the local authority consider that the Staying Put arrangement is not consistent with the child’s welfare).

Supported Lodgings Offer

Sefton Supported Lodgings (SSL) provide opportunities for care experienced young people to live within family homes throughout the Sefton area.

Semi - Independent Accommodation

Providers are available who offer shared housing with 24/7 staffing as the first step for young people moving out of care settings. This allows a period of assessment to ensure that you have the basic independent living skills required before you move on to a more semi-independent provision.

Providers offer semi-independent accommodation with differing levels of support that can be customised to your individual needs. Whenever possible, accommodation is identified that is affordable post -18 so that you have the option of taking over the tenancy when cared for financial support ends and you take over the rent.

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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