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Our Teams

We have lots of teams in Children’s Social Care and we all have one goal, to make a difference to children, young people and families in Sefton.

Take a look at what each of our teams do:

We are one of the first teams most families will meet. We get to know you and your family and complete a child, young people and families assessment. The child, young people and family assessment is a starting point for social works to work out how we can help you.

We are one of the first teams most families will meet. We pull together all the professionals who know you and get the right people in the room to get the best support.  

We are the team you can reach in an emergency. You will talk to us if you ring out of hours and we are always here to support you and your family

Our team work with families to stop issues and problems getting worse. We will work with you and your family to identify your strengths. Our aim is to deliver support 2/3 times per week for between 12-20 weeks. We will support you and your family to gain knowledge, confidence and practical support

We support families to have family time in a safe, secure and structured way and work with your family and professionals to find the best way to make this happen

We work with families to find strengths and build on those to move forward to a more positive place for you and your family.

We specialise in working with children and families who have a child/young person with complex needs or disabilities. We support you as a carer and your child to live happy, enriched lives and identify the support you need from other professionals as well as ourselves to make that happen

We work with families once they have been through the assessment process. We get to know our families and try to find long term solutions to keep children safe and happy. You will see our social workers regularly as they review your plan and undertake direct work with your child and your family.

We work with older children who are cared for and specialise in working through issues and dealing with needs during adolescence.

We work with children and families who have had some involvement with law and order. We look for ways to support children and families to prevent repeat incidences.

We work with families and children as their case goes through the courts, they offer support to make this process run smoothly and put the child at the heart of everything we do

The Social Work Academy is a structured way for new or returning social workers to ease themselves in to their social work career and benefit from high quality training and enhanced practice support.

We deal with cases of child exploitation and work to raise awareness of signs of abuse, neglect and harm. We have representation from the police and other agencies and we work together to protect children.

We work with cared for children to ensure they are safe, happy and thriving. You will see us on a regular basis if we are working with you or your family to make sure our plan is having an impact.

We support children who are involved with fostering and adoption. We make sure foster carers and homes are suitable and work for you and ensure foster carers are supported too.

We work with Adoption in Merseyside to find suitable adopters for those children in that position.

We work with older children and young people in our care to support them and their families to tackle issues they face as young people. We start to prepare our cared for children for adulthood

We work with over 18 care experienced young people to support them into adulthood. Care experienced young people can face a number of challenges and as corporate parents, we are here to support them in what they choose to do.

We ensure the work done by our colleagues is high quality and child focused. We undertake audits of our work to make sure children are safe, supported and heard when they are working with us. We support our colleagues to learn from experiences they have and identify and share good practice.

We are a partnership of agencies across Sefton who work with children and families. You can find our website here

The Virtual School is a team that is responsible for promoting and monitoring the education of children in the care of the Local Authority. All of our children go to real schools and have a Personal Education Plan (PEP). Our team supports the child, school and families to make sure that the child is thriving and making progress in education. We also provide advice to families and children who were previously in the care of the Local Authority and now are adopted or have a Special Guardian Ship order (SGO). The Virtual School also promotes the education of children with a social worker.

Our Virtual School website has lots of help and guidance available


Last Updated on Thursday, June 15, 2023

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