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Flooding in Sefton - Know Your Risk

The Flood Hub

The Flood Hub provide information for communities to manage flood and coastal risk across the North West. See link below.

Flooding in Sefton - Know Your Risk


Flood risk varies across the Sefton borough and can be caused by overflowing rivers or streams, coastal inundation, blocked drains, high groundwater or pumping station failures. Even if you are not located near a body of water, surface water flooding (caused by extreme rainfall) can occur in any location at any time of year. 

It is important to be aware of your risks and responsibilities so you can protect yourself and your property. As a property owner,  there is a personal responsibility to protect your property from flooding. Sefton Council does not have a legal obligation to protect private property from flood events and this includes the supply of sandbags. We recommend property owners undertake measures to protect their properties from flooding through resistance and resilience measures.

Therefore, it is important for property owners to check their level of risk. There are several ways of determining the level of flood risk to your area and property using the links below:  



Last Updated on Thursday, October 19, 2023

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