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Reporting a Flood

Blocked Road Drain or Gully?

Highway flooding is handled by Sefton's Highways Department. For urgent issues call 0345 140 0845 otherwise please complete Highway’s Online Form

Reporting a Flood


It is important to report the right type of flooding to the correct risk management authority for the issue to be resolved effectively.

The North-West Flood Hub Website and the Environment Agency Main River Map provides information on how to distinguish between the different types of flooding. 

The table below provides the contact details for relevant risk management authorities.  


  Danger to Life 



  Emergency Services: Call 999 


   Main River &

   Coastal Flooding 


  Environment Agency Incident Hotline (24HR):

  0800 80 70 60 



   Sewer Flooding 



  United Utilities (North-West): 0345 672 3723 


   Surface Water on Roads

   (e.g., blocked road gully)  


  Sefton’s Highway Department:

  Urgent issues: Call 0345 140 0845

  Non-Urgent Issues: Highway’s Online Form 


   Surface Water (Other),

   Ground Water or

   Ordinary Watercourse



  Sefton’s Flood Risk Management Team:


  (include the flood location,

  photos & contact details)



Last Updated on Thursday, June 16, 2022

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