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Listed Buildings

Listed buildings are those statutorily defined as being 'of special architectural or historic interest'. These buildings are protected to preserve the best of our built heritage. Historic England is responsible for adding buildings to the list.

Listed buildings are graded as Grade I, II* or II according to their architectural quality or historical significance, with Grade I being of exceptional interest. 92% of listed buildings in the UK are Grade II listed.

A request for a building to be listed should be made to Historic England. You must provide evidence of the building's significance.

We have produced an advisory leaflet to give you more information about listed buildings in Sefton. 

It is a criminal offence to demolish, alter or extend a listed building without first getting "Listed Building Consent". Consent will only be granted where there is no detrimental effect on a building's character or appearance and the alterations are justified.

Alterations include everything from changing glazing bars and painting the exterior to extensions, internal or external alterations and any demolition.

If you wish to make any alterations to a listed building you must first get Listed Building Consent from our planning department. To apply for permission please fill in our application form.

Making Changes:

Historic England has published information on altering historic buildings, including listed buildings, and offers best practice advice on their website.

Usually work to listed buildings will require the help of professionals. English Heritage also provide advice on how to find the right help on their website.

The whole of a building, including the interior, is protected by the listing. Additionally, any feature or structure fixed to the listed building, or any pre-1948 feature or structure anywhere within the curtilage of buildings is protected.  Other structures of historic importance such as lampposts, monuments and walls can also be listed.

There are over 800 listed buildings within Sefton. If you would like to find out if a building in Sefton is listed or you are contemplating any work to a listed building, please contact our Local Plans and Conservation Team.  Or alternatively use SIMON (select Conservation & Heritage layers) to find if your property is listed and read the listing descriptions.

Grants for buildings of outstanding architectural or historic interest (Grade I and some Grade II* buildings) may be available from Historic England and other sources.

Traditionally constructed homes are an important part of the historic environment that makes this country unique and attractive and this website will help owners of such houses, to protect their homes better and improve their energy performance without harming their historic character. A section is also included on micro-generation which details how technologies such as micro-wind generation and solar thermal energy can successfully be incorporated into older buildings.

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