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Liverpool City Region
Strategic Housing and Employment Land Market Assessment (SHELMA)

The SHELMA looks at the latest demographic data and projections, the latest economic data and projections, and recent market evidence to consider what the appropriate Objectively-Assessed Need for housing and employment land is for the Liverpool City Region and West Lancashire as a whole and for each Council area individually, for the period 2012-2037. As part of the City Region devolution arrangements, this is an important step in identifying the housing and employment land needs that will form part of the City Region’s Single Spatial Framework and will also be a material consideration in the future revision of each council’s Local Plan.

LCR SHELMA Executive Summary (March 2018) (pdf 797KB)
LCR SHELMA Final Report (March 2018) (pdf 3.59MB)
LCR SHELMA Assessment of Supply of Large-Scale B8 Sites (June 2018) (pdf 2.64MB)
LCR SHELMA Areas of Search Assessment (August 2019) (pdf 778KB)

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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