Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Mental Health

We all have mental health. Being healthier doesn’t just mean having a healthy body, it also means having a healthy mind. 

Sometimes our mental health is good and other times we may feel like we are struggling. Your mind is like any other part of your body, it needs looking after and some exercise. Having good mental health can help us feel better, sleep better and support us in doing the things we want to do. It can also help us have more positive relationships with those around us.

Good mental health is the foundation for well-being and the effective functioning of individuals and communities. It impacts on how we feel, communicate and understand. It enables us to manage our lives successfully and live to our full potential. It can also help us have more positive relationships with those around us.

The emotional wellbeing toolkit for schools

This toolkit was developed with the support of local headteachers, senior pastoral leads, SENCOs and learning support leads.  It is inspired by work carried out by Worcester County Council.

It aims to provide a quick guide to best practice in order to help Sefton schools, colleges and other education settings know what they should be providing or commissioning to meet the emotional wellbeing needs of their pupils and learners, and to know when and how to access further support if needed.

The toolkit will be updated each academic year, condensing best practice described in national guidance documents and combines it with information about local services available in Sefton. 

You can download the Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit here.

Getting help

If you are worried or struggling there are services and free resources that could help, visit Sefton's dedicated Health and Wellbeing During Covid-19 webpage



Last Updated on Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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