Public Health Annual Report

The Director of Public Health is required to produce an annual report on the health and wellbeing of their population highlighting key issues.


 The report for 2018/19 highlights the issue of air quality in Sefton:

 Below is a supplementary fact file with more information and where to go for more advice and guidance:

Air Quality and Health in Sefton



The 2017/18 Public Health Annual Report (PHAR) has been produced as a short film which explores the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people and the services and resources which are available to support them. 

The film recognises the importance of building resilience, promoting good mental health and wellbeing and enabling children and young people to grow up happy and healthy.

The report also covers key facts and figures and highlights a number of recommendations for implementation during 2018/19. 

Below is a short supplementary document provided to full Council Meeting on 19th July 2018.

Updated recommendations from the Sefton PHAR 2016/17 and PHARs from previous years are listed below:

PHAR 2017/18 - Updated Recommendations From 2016/17 (pdf 180KB)
PHAR 2016/17 - Wider Determinants of Health (pdf 2.08MB)
PHAR 2015/16 - Good Health In Tough Times (pdf 947KB)
PHAR 2014/15 - Nurturing The Hearts And Minds of Children (pdf 1.91MB)
PHAR 2013/14 - Delivering Public Health In A Changing Environment (pdf 5.05MB)

Last Updated on 16 August 2019