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Prices and booking information

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No. of Days Pre-booking Active Choices Pre-booking  Turn up on the day*
5 days £52 £45 N/A
4 days  £45 £40 N/A 
3 days £38 £32 N/A
2 days £29 £23 N/A 
1 day  £16 £11 N/A
Acro Camp £16.50 N/A N/A 
Dance & Musical Theatre Camp £9 N/A N/A
Ditch Your Stabilisers  £14 N/A N/A
4 Day Swim Crash Course £20 N/A N/A
5 Day Swim Crash Course £25 N/A N/A
Swim & Splash / Swimming sessions (Full prices apply to accompanying adults £5.80) N/A N/A


£2.00 (with active choices card)

All sessions must be pre-booked apart from the swimming sessions!

Minimum numbers are required for sessions to run. If sessions cannot run, we will offer an alternative. 

Payments our made over the telephone and MUST be made at the time of booking. Activities are non-refundable.

Active Choices membership numbers MUST BE QUOTED at time of booking. Without this, Active Choices discount will not be granted.



Additional information

  • Clothes suitable for the weather conditions, old training shoes, a complete full change of clothes and shoes, and a towel are required. Participation forms to be completed on day of booking. Limited places are available.
  • Please note where possible primary and secondary (Junior and Youth) age groups are separated for sessions.
  • All activities are weather dependent so please call the centre in advance if you have any doubts.

Call us on 0151 934 4799 to book on to Crosby Lakeside Activities



Swimming sessions & swimming ratios

There are a limited number of participants allowed in a swimming pool at any one time. In order to guarantee entry, participants should arrive at the venue prior to the time stated in the brochure. Our swimming ratios are as follows:

  • Under 4 yrs - one adult to one child with or without armbands or one adult to two children with armbands
  • 4 - 7 yrs - one adult to two children with or without armbands
  • Mixed Ages - one adult to one under 4 with armbands and one 4 - 7yrs with or without armbands.

Children 7yrs and under

Our service aims to be child-centred, friendly, safe and fun so that children can play, regardless of race, gender, religion, cultural background or ability.The activity camps are not classed as childcare and we recommend that parents of children under 7yrs are responsible for their safety, during and after the session. Attendees can only be supervised while on site and during the publicised times. Please note: children cannot be confined to the programme, prevented from leaving or escorted home.

Please note:  

  • All activities are popular and spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Phone lines are only manned during office hours, please leave a voicemail outside of these hours.
  • Payments can now be made over the telephone and must be made at the time of booking.
  • Activities are non-refundable.

Packed lunches

Active Sefton promotes children to eat a healthy balanced diet and get active. Just like our schools in Sefton, we ask that you try and make healthier lunch choices and do not give your children chocolate, sweets, cakes or fizzy drinks. Below are some ideas to help you pack up a healthy lunch box for your child to bring with them to our school holiday camps.

  • Swap white bread to wholemeal bread for sandwiches
  • Swap fizzy and juice drinks for water
  • Swap high sugar, high fat products such as chocolate sweets, cakes and crisps for fruit, sugar free jelly and plain popcorn
  • Include some chopped up vegetables as a snack with a low calorie dip, such as hummus

This lunch box guidance is intended to help children develop and practice healthy eating habits. A nutritious meal at lunch time can help children concentrate and increase their energy levels and performance. Give some of the swaps a try! 

Mobile Phones

Please can we ask children to leave mobile phones/tablets at home or in their bags during the duration of Be Active sessions. As part of the registration process, our coaches make sure that we have contact numbers for all parents/guardians, so should we need to contact you at any stage during the day, we are able to do so. 
We are unable to take responsibility for electronic equipment.




Bookings can be made by calling 0151 288 6286 during our 9am-5pm office hours. Please leave a voicemail if calling outside of these times and one of our team will get back to you. 

  • To be eligible for 3 to 5 day discount prices, camp days booked must take place in the same week.
  • Minimum numbers are required for sessions to run. If sessions cannot run, we will offer an alternative. Activities are non-refundable.
  • Payments are made over the telephone and MUST be made at the time of booking.
  • For more information about inclusive place(s) for disabled children, please call the Aiming High Team on: 0151 288 6811. 
  • We are offering young people who are signed up to the Children's University Programme a 10% discount off sessions. To take advantage of this offer, please quote "Children's University 10%" when booking your child's activities. Discount not applicable to all activities.


Sefton Children’s University

Young people aged between 5 and 14yrs can gain credits from taking part in school led activities or from activities at specific learning destinations. Active Sports are now accredited to Sefton Children’s University. Credits will be given in the form of an Active Sports sticker which will be issued by the programme sports coaches. Only coached sessions qualify towards the scheme. Credits will be distributed as stated below;

  • A one hour activity = one credit / sticker
  • Sport Specific Camps = two credits / stickers regardless of time spent
  • Children who gain sufficient credits by the end of a Key Stage will be invited to graduate from Sefton Children’s University at a special ceremony held at Edge Hill University
  • For more details and to be registered to the scheme please contact your school

We are offering young people signed up to the programme 10% discount of sessions. To take advantage of this offer, please quote "Childrens University 10%" when booking your childs activities. Discount not applicable to all activities.

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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