Coroner's Inquests

Inquest Listings for H M Coroner’s Court


Name Date of Inquest Time Venue Jurisdiction Age Date of Death HM Coroner
Week Beginning 15 August 2022
Audrey STAPLEY 15/08/2022 10:00am Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 95 05/04/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Martin WEIR 15/08/2022 14:30pm Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 26 10/04/2021 HMAC J Thompson
Brenda MOLYNEUX 15/08/2022 15:00pm Bootle Town Hall St Helens 92 19/02/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Gemma KENDALL-LACHLAN 16/08/2022 10:00am Bootle Town Hall Sefton 24 26/12/2021 HMAC J Thompson
Maureen WHITE 17/08/2022 10:00am Bootle Town Hall Sefton 71 02/02/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Sidney GLOVER 18/08/2022 14:30pm Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 89 25/02/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Alan RIMMER 18/08/2022 15:00pm Bootle Town Hall Sefton 62 06/04/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Adam BROWN 19/08/2022 10:00am Bootle Town Hall Sefton 32 02/02/2021 HMAC J Thompson
Philip HANDFORD 19/08/2022 14:30pm Bootle Town Hall Sefton 47 27/08/2021 HMAC J Thompson
Julie MAUGHAN 19/08/2022 15:00pm Bootle Town Hall St Helens 32 11/11/2021 HMAC J Thompson
Ian TICKLE     Inquest In Writing St Helens 45 07/05/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Nicky KERRIGAN     Inquest In Writing Knowsley 41 12/06/2022 HMAC J Thompson
David STATHAM     Inquest In Writing Liverpool 54 08/08/2022 HMAC J Thompson
Week Beginning 22 August 2022
Thomas HENDERSON 25/08/2022 10:00am Bootle Town Hall Sefton 35 18/04/2022 HMSC J Goulding
Edward BRADSHAW 25/08/2022 10:40am Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 71 28/03/2022 HMSC J Goulding
George STUDDART 25/08/2022 11:00am Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 83 17/11/2020 HMSC J Goulding
Nicola NELSON 25/08/2022 11:20am Bootle Town Hall Sefton 52 25/04/2022 HMSC J Goulding
Kathleen CADDICK 25/08/2022 11:40am Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 79 14/07/2022 HMSC J Goulding
Albert POWSEY 25/08/2022 12:00pm Bootle Town Hall Sefton 94 13/06/2021 HMSC J Goulding
Sheila ASQUITH 25/08/2022 12:40pm Bootle Town Hall Knowsley 54 25/03/2022 HMSC J Goulding
Amanda THRELKELD 25/08/2022 14:00pm Bootle Town Hall Sefton 57 07/04/2022 HMSC J Goulding
Isobella RIDINGS     Inquest In Writing Sefton 82 31/07/2022 HMSC J Goulding

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