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Highways projection licence

A highways projection is considered to be any item which protrudes over the highway from an adjoining building; for example, a canopy or awning, CCTV equipment, shop sign, or a building overhang.

Any object which protrudes over the highway (including the footway) must have the prior approval of the Highway Authority and, in certain instances, may also require planning approval. If the projection is classed as significant, for example, a canopy or building overhang, a licence under the Highways Act 1980 may be required.

Download the application form to apply for a highways structure licence. 

If circumstances change, the Council may wish to review the situation and, in certain cases, may have to withdraw its permission for a projection. However, this will be done by agreement wherever possible and the Council will endeavour to give three months notice.

The Council may take enforcement action against anyone who erects a highway projection without prior permission and prosecution may also be considered.

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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