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Disabled parking bay

Disabled parking bay

Any Blue Badge holder may apply for a blue badge holder's parking place. The Council will consider the application based upon need and location. Disabled parking bays may be provided for two different uses:

  • A disabled parking bay close to the applicant's address solely for use by a specific blue badge holder. These bays will be clearly signed as Disabled badge permit and are not for general disabled badge holder use.
  • A disabled parking bay that is available for use by any holder of a Blue Badge near a hospital, clinic, doctor's surgery, other public building, or shopping area.

In each case, the parking place will be sited as near as possible to the relevant building but we have to take the following into consideration:

  • Traffic flow
  • The interests of the owners and occupiers of adjoining properties
  • Access to premises
  • Road safety

Any Blue Badge holder can apply for a disabled parking bay. To obtain a new disabled parking bay a successful application must be made which demonstrates certain qualification criteria. To qualify for a disabled parking bay, you must first hold a valid Blue Badge and:

  • Demonstrate a genuine need for the bay requested
  • Not have access to private parking within or near the premises
  • Be unable to secure an on-street parking space within your mobility range on a regular basis

If you hold a valid blue badge you can apply for a disabled parking bay by completing our application form.

This form can be filled in using a PC, mobile or Tablet. Alternatively it can be printed off and completed by hand.

You must:

  • Drive your own car or nominate a carer who drives you and resides at your address
  • Have no access to private parking
  • Be unable to secure an on-street parking space within your mobility range on a regular basis
  • Provide copies of your vehicle registration documents showing your name and address (showing you are a local resident)
  • Completed forms and copies of supportive documentation need to be returned, by email, to (quickest option) Or posted to Sefton Council, Highway Safety, Magdalen House, Trinity Rd, Bootle, L20 3NJ ( this will take longer and we hold no accountability for lost forms )
DPP Form (pdf 322KB)

The Council will make every effort to deal with applications as quickly as possible. However, it does involve processing a legal traffic regulation order, which includes consultation, notices and press adverts. An application can take between 6 and 9 months to process.

Last Updated on Monday, September 12, 2022

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