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Residents parking permits

**PLEASE NOTE** Visitor permits cannot be renewed online until after they have expired and the option to renew will not appear in your account until then.  If you are not given the option to renew please try again after the expiry date of your current permit.  Expired visitors permits will be honoured for 14 days after their expiry to allow you to renew.  

Permits can be applied for or renewed online through our online permit portal.  

There are two types of resident parking permits schemes in Sefton:

  • Resident Privileged Parking (RPP) or Permit Parking Areas (PPAs) are no longer implemented from Council revenue budgets. The only way schemes could be introduced would be from a very limited budget administered by your local Ward Members or alternative resources, i.e. via a Planning approval for a new development that could potentially cause a parking problems for existing residents.
  • Southport town centre resident permits are issued to certain residential properties where pay and display restrictions are in operation (these are not available to businesses).

In order to apply for a permit you must meet certain criteria and provide documentation to prove your eligibility and pay the necessary charges – see “How do I apply for or renew a permit?” below

Resident Privileged Parking & Permit Parking Areas

  • You can apply for one visitor permit, which can be displayed in any vehicle parking at your property, whether your own or a visitor to your home. You do not need to own a vehicle or drive to apply for a visitor permit.
  • You can also apply for a resident permit for any vehicle you own and is registered to your address. Resident permits are specific to your vehicle and are virtual, meaning no physical permit is issued but your registration is kept in our database, which can be accessed by the civil enforcement officers patrolling the area.

Southport Town Centre

Certain properties in Southport town centre are eligible for one resident permit – more details can be found below in the “Further information about Southport town centre permits” section.

The easiest way to apply for or renew a permit is using our online permit system, which can be accessed here

When using the online permit system you will need to set up an account, which can then be used to apply for and manage your permits.  You can upload documentation to the website instead of posting or emailing them.

PLEASE NOTE - if you live in a flat you will need to enter the property number and flat name/number separated by a hyphen, e.g. 56 – Ground Floor Flat, 46 – Flat 2

If you are unable to access the online system you will need to complete an application form (these are available to download below) and send it with your documentation to or by post to Parking Services, PO Box 225, Bootle, L20 3WD.



To apply for a visitor permit you will need to supply proof of residency.  To apply for a resident (vehicle) permit you will need to provide both proof of residency and proof of vehicle ownership.  

Please note that visitor permits are not available in Southport town centre – please see the "What is a town centre parking permit?" section below for further information.

Proof Of Residency

This must be one of the following –

  • Current council tax bill
  • Gas or electricity bill dated within last 3 months
  • Estate/letting agent’s tenancy agreement dated within last 3 months
  • Bank statement dated within the last 3 months
  • Telephone bill dated within last 3 months

Proof Of Vehicle Ownership

The following documents are accepted –

  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Company letter - company vehicle
  • Hire or Leasing Agreement (if no V5 available)

Visitor permits are £30 and will last two years.  You will need to renew the permit every two years but will not be charged for the renewal.  A physical permit will be issued to you - if you lose your permit or it is stolen you will need to pay another £30 to obtain a replacement.

Resident permits are £30 each and last two years.  You will need to renew the permit every two years and will not be charged for the renewal however the £30 must be paid again if you change your vehicle or registration number.  Resident permits are virtual (no physical permit will be issued). 

There is an exemption from the registration charge for vehicles leased through the Motability scheme, which have been adapted for the use of a disabled resident.


People who live in Southport town centre may apply for a permit for their vehicle if:

    • there is pay and display parking outside their home
    • they have no provision for off street parking
    • their vehicle is registered to them at their town centre property
    • their property was registered as a residence before October 2000

All of the above criteria must be met in order for an application to be accepted

  1. Only one permit will be issued per house or flat.
  2. Visitor permits will not be issued to town centre properties
  3. Businesses are not eligible for town centre permits
  4. Properties that have been built or converted to residential dwellings after October 2000 are not eligible for permits
  5. Permits will not be issued where the number of vehicles exceeds the available spaces on a property. (i.e. flats which are not allocated a space on the property)
  6. The permit allows you to park on street without the requirement to make payment or to adhere to any time limits that may be in force.
  7. The permit does not guarantee you a parking place. If you cannot access a suitable parking place in the location stated on the permit you must find legal alternative parking.
  8. The permit does not allow you to park in any other type of bay (unless the signs state you can do so), nor can you use it to park on any other type of restriction such as yellow lines.
  9. Before applying please check the current list of town centre properties that are definitely not eligible for a permit. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and all applications will be checked for eligibility before a permit is issued. If you require further advice on the eligibility of a property then please email
Ineligible Properties (pdf 403KB)

If your permit has been stolen or lost you must complete a lost or stolen form (below) and send it with a payment of £30 to the Council who will issue another permit.

To prevent the lost/stolen permit being used it will be cancelled on the Council's system and will be reported to the on-street personnel. If a permit that has been lost/stolen is found to be in use, steps will be taken to recover the permit and the vehicle in which the permits is displayed will receive a penalty charge notice.

Residents Permit (word 70KB)
Southport Parking Permit (word 69KB)
Lost / Stolen Permit (word 126KB)
Internet RPP Zones (pdf 133KB)

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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