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M58 Junction 1 - Improvement Scheme

The M58 Junction 1 – Improvement Scheme involves the construction of the ‘missing’ slip roads at the junction, providing a northbound off slip and a southbound on-slip. As well as improving journey times between Maghull and North Liverpool, the scheme will reduce traffic on the A59 and some residential roads and facilitate potential future development in the Maghull area. The full business case which details the impact and benefits of the scheme is available on the Mersey Travel website. 

Sefton Council received an offer of funding from the Liverpool City Region Local Growth Fund for £5.5m toward the scheme in 2016. 

Early in 2017, the Council appointed John Sisk and Sons to complete the design and construction of the scheme. They appointed Atkins Ltd as their design partner. 

During 2017, ground investigation, pavement condition and wildlife surveys were completed to provide the design team with sufficient information in order to complete the design. The detailed design was then completed, the scheme costed and the necessary approvals secured from Highways England.  The Planning Application for the scheme was considered by Planning Committee on October 20, 2017 and was approved. View the Planning Application and the decision notice. A public information session was held in November 2017 at Meadows Leisure Centre. This gave residents the opportunity to find out more about the scheme and talk to the team.

Negotiations with the various landowners from whom land was required, progressed for some time and agreement was then reached to enable the Contractor to access the land.

Works began on site on May 20, 2019 and have progressed well despite some wet weather.  Early activities included the construction of the site compound and farm access track for the benefit of Guest Farm. Works have then progressed on the formation of the two new slip roads, an exercise which has involved the importing of a significant amount of material, much of which is recycled.  Some works have been undertaken on the motorway during night time closures undertaken during the summer. Some further closures are planned to allow the further surfacing work after Christmas. If the scheme goes to programme, then the new slip roads should be open in April 2020. 

Council Officers would be happy to address any further queries on the details of the scheme.  For further information please contact our Strategic Transport and Planning teams by email 

John Sisk and Sons are committed to completing the work with as little disruption as possible to the local community as we as ensuring that the project leaves a positive legacy. The recent Considerate Constructors scheme assessment identified that Sisk scored ratings of Very Good, Excellent or Exceptional against the 5 key criteria. Their Exceptional rating being given to their ‘respect to the community and their ‘value their work force criteria’.

Sisk have also undertaken some playground surfacing and improvement work at Hudson primary school and volunteered time and provided machinery for work at Lunt Meadows.

As the scheme progresses, updates will be shown on this website, and Sefton Council’s Facebook page and twitter account.

Additional information

Compulsory Purchase Order

M58 Junction 1 CPO - Notice of Confirmation (word 125KB)
M58 Junction 1 CPO Order (pdf 2.17MB)
M58 Junction 1 CPO Map (pdf 518KB)

Side Roads Order

M58 Junction 1 SRO (pdf 305KB)
M58 Junction 1 - Confirmed Side Road Plan (pdf 1.19MB)

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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