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Documents and Fees


The cost of your course is indicated on our course prospectus.

Many of our courses are FREE!

The £10 fee applies to your first course only. Additional courses and Intermediate level courses are charged at £37.50 unless stated otherwise.

Courses leading to a qualification are individually priced.

Fee remission applies to some courses.

For any queries related to course fees/fee remissions, please speak to a member of our friendly team.

The safest and easiest way to pay for your course is by Credit/Debit card over the phone-call our Admin team on 0151 934 4546. 

If you are unable to pay this way, please contact us to discuss an alternative.


Sefton Community Learning Service has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this course listing is accurate and up-to-date. The service cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions, or ambiguities and reserves the right to revise, alter, discontinue, or cancel courses once they have commenced.


Learner Handbook 23-24 (pdf 1.87MB)
SCLS Spring Course Guide 24 (pdf 1.69MB)
Sefton Community Learning Service Course List Summer 2024 (pdf 1.09MB)
SCLS Course Guide Autumn 2024 (pdf 4.11MB)


FGM NSPCC (pdf 1.53MB)
Promoting British Values (pdf 312KB)
Run Hide Tell (pdf 57KB)
Safer Learning (pdf 164KB)
Extremism (1) (pdf 235KB)


Academic Appeals Policy And Procedure 23-24 (pdf 189KB)
Acceptable User Policy IT 23-24 (pdf 311KB)
Access To Fair Assessment Policy 23-24 (pdf 190KB)
Complaints Policy 23-24 (pdf 185KB)
Data Protection GDPR Policy 23-24 (pdf 152KB)
Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Policy 23-24 (pdf 143KB)
E&D Policy 23-24 (pdf 159KB)
Fee and Refunds Policy 23-24 (pdf 171KB)
IAG Policy 23-24 (pdf 122KB)
Learner Discipline Policy 23-24 (pdf 194KB)
Learner Voice Strategy 23-24 (pdf 149KB)
Malpractice & Plagiarism Policy 23-24 (pdf 174KB)
Privacy Statement 23-24 (pdf 106KB)
Protecting Vulnerable People From Being Drawn Into Terrorism 23-24 (pdf 26KB)
Safeguarding Policy 23-24 (pdf 431KB)
Social Media Policy 23-24 (pdf 115KB)
Social Value Policy 23-24 (pdf 156KB)
Sustainability Policy 23-24 (pdf 65KB)

Meet some of our Learners and Staff 

In this video you can hear first hand from our learners and staff, the difference Sefton Community Learning Service can make to your prospects and your outlook. 

Last Updated on Friday, July 5, 2024

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